If it’s exciting,

if it’s cool,

if we believe in it,

we can help it succeed.

Our Philosophy


Making sense of the changing world, we provide the foundation that you need to flourish and grow.

Our philosophy is centred on our broader view of wealth, which we define as a measure of a person's capacity to impact the lives of others. The purpose of our work is to increase the wealth of our clients, by growing the potential in both their finances and their network.

We have a desire to better the services and proposition available to those that have great ideas and wonderful stories but lack the foundation, the expertise or the network to turn that great idea into a reality or complete their story.

Andrew Holder - Co Founder,

JH Flemmings



We solve problems and generate ideas, we approach every situation with the client at the centre. Blending business acumen with strategic, creative thinking, we provide meaningful solutions that enhance our clients lives.






Three principles that govern how we work


We support what we believe in, operating with feeling, passion and undeniable commitment to you and what you do.


We communicate with openness and clarity.


We constantly strive to connect with you on a personal level, to inspire ideas and instill confidence for your future.



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