Creative and responsible wealth management

When you require effective wealth management – and want to help others succeed

where you have excelled – it pays to become part of our exclusive community.


This is wealth creation and investment management with a specific purpose: to secure and enhance your individual lifestyle as well as the lives of your family members and other dependants.


You can use part of your wealth for philanthropic purposes, supporting and encouraging individuals to achieve the highest standards in such sectors as entertainment and technology.


We believe that the world requires a community of successful and innovative individuals who are willing to apply their skills and wealth to help generate and inspire yet more creative people.

Services Suited to You

What makes us stand out from crowd


Technical entrepreneurs, far-sighted business people and senior members of the professions look to us to provide sound advice and practical support.


People who achieve creative success in the arts and entertainment industries have distinct requirements that we meet with some very specific capabilities.


We work with some of the most talented individuals within the world of professional sport. We are dedicated to serving their needs as their careers develop.

Our Personal Approach

Specifically designed to make your life easy
Single contact point

Your personal Relationship Manager will discuss your needs and remain in regular contact with you as plans are implemented.

Adapted to your needs

Our experience enables us to shape our financial advice to suit your individual circumstances and be adjusted as your needs evolve.

Wealth of expertise

By drawing on our wide range of financial and investment expertise we help you manage your wealth well and in your best interests.

Exclusive network

As a client you enter into an exclusive community of individuals who wish to maximise both the quality and usefulness of their lives.

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Our individual clients speak their minds

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